About Us


The Start

Founded more than 80 years ago, OK Foods has evolved from a livestock and poultry feed manufacturer to one of the world’s largest fully-integrated chicken producers. In November 2011, OK Foods was integrated into Industrias Bachoco located in Celaya, Mexico. Today, the OK Foods family includes more than 3,000 team members who are dedicated to producing consistently high-quality chicken products and nourishing people around the world.


Our hatcheries are designed with the chick’s health and well-being in mind. Eggs from our breeding operations are carefully selected and delivered to our hatcheries where they are placed in incubators, keeping them warm and safe until they hatch. Once hatched, they are transported by our careful drivers to the care of a closely supervised, local family farm.


Our chickens are raised on family-run farms with computer-controlled facilities that assure ideal environmental conditions for comfort and health. The chickens are raised in an open-air house and are fed a balanced diet, free from growth hormones and steroids. Our highly-trained farmers and service technicians are committed to raising the highest quality chickens. At OK Foods, we are proud to support local family farms and foster their tradition and spirit throughout our organization.

Feed Mills

OK Foods began as a manufacturer of poultry and livestock feed. Today, we formulate and produce our own proprietary feed blends to provide the best nutrition for every stage of our birds’ development. Steroids and growth hormones are NEVER added to our feed and we continually test to ensure we include only the highest quality ingredients for a balanced diet.


Using comprehensive food safety and quality control management processes, our team members process several million pounds of chicken each week. We produce a full line of consistent, high-quality chicken products, and our efficiency and flexibility allow us to meet our customer's product and budget needs. We continually invest in advanced technologies in order to keep our facilities among the most modern in the industry.


Our high quality, great tasting chicken products are closely supervised all the way to your door. Our own fleet of refrigerated trucks and carefully selected outside carriers ensure prompt and safe delivery of our products to customers across the country. We proudly hire only the most safety-conscious and courteous drivers.


Vision: Nourishing the world today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Mission: To be a high-performing and successful organization in today’s diverse and evolving marketplace by nourishing our consumers, our employees, our environment, and our shareholders.

Values: Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Service, Justice









Corporate Responsibility

OK Foods understands the importance of ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all chickens. Our strict animal welfare policy mirrors NCC Guidelines and is frequently audited to maintain the highest standards. Audits are performed internally by PAACO-certified personnel (Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization) and externally by third-party-led animal welfare auditors. Various stages of the production system are audited to ensure proper and humane handling. All birds raised by OK Foods are housed in climate-controlled environments where they enjoy the freedom to roam, eat, and drink at their will, which encourages normal behavior, as well as provides optimal comfort and protects the flock from outside predators, disease, and distress. Our company veterinarian and staff monitor all flocks on a daily basis.