Kupchick said he and Tidwell initially prepared food for 1,200 families with the hope of serving 1,000 on Saturday morning. He wasn’t disappointed with the 600 families they had served by 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Kupchick also said the event was a success because of how it engaged many new volunteers, especially the youth. Volunteer Natalie Tucker, 13, said she was at the park packing boxes on Friday afternoon and then back to help the next morning.

″(They were) motivated, perhaps, by the flood, or perhaps by Charolette’s legacy,” he said. “However we get it, we’ll take it.”

“Kids have proven to us that if you show them community and give to them as we do at Antioch, they will give back,” Tidwell said.

Tidwell said Kupchick in the next week will visit Moffett to help the community with flood relief. Kupchick said the Moffett community is “splintered” from the flood because of its displaced residents.

As for Antioch’s efforts in Fort Smith, Tidwell said she will hold a second event in the coming week to supply families with food. They will then give any left over food to the schools they serve, she said.

“You get to help other people, especially the people who need it the most. These people suffered from the flood, so to help give them food and stuff that could help them provide for their family, it’s really cool to see how much it’ll impact them and the community,” Tucker said of the event.