OK Foods Earns Top Hatch and Top Chicks Awards By Aviagen North America

FORT SMITH, Ark. (November 14, 2016) – For the second consecutive year, OK Foods has received the Top Hatch and Top Chicks Award.  The Award was given during the 2015 Flock Awards hosted by Aviagen North America. OK Foods won the same two awards in 2014.  The awards recognize OK Foods as having the highest percentage of total Ross 308 chicks hatched and for the highest number of Ross 308 chicks hatched per hen housed.

Gary Hogue, Vice President of Live Production, credits the award to the exemplary contract farmers of OK Foods.  “Our farmers are the reason we are able to receive this wonderful award,” said Hogue. “They are committed to maintaining the highest quality farms, growing healthy chickens, and providing the highest quality chicken products.”

According to Randall Vickery, Aviagen’s Regional Technical Sales manager, “Reaching the top rung of performance requires a committed, cohesive team with advanced expertise and field experience, as well as strong leadership. To get the most of Ross breeding stock, minute attention to detail and sound management practices must be applied in every phase of the production cycle.”