Chilton found the opportunity through school counselors who promoted part-time jobs and internships for graduates.

“This is a really good opportunity for students coming out of high school, you learn what it’s like to work in a professional environment,” Chilton said.

Natalie Chilton

The summer 2019 interns have a strong interest in starting their post-graduate career at OK Foods, in part because of the welcoming company culture they have experienced since they began.

“My department was extremely friendly when I arrived; they invited me to lunch and even had a potluck to celebrate the start of my internship,” Martinez said.

Elizabeth Martinez

Marketing and Sales interns, Miranda Daily and Keesler Nye, were taken to the Fort Smith and Heavener plants to learn about how chickens are processed. The learning opportunity allowed them to gain insight on how OK Foods products are made, what customers desire, and therefore helped them better understand their roles as interns.

Miranda Daily

Even if students do not have the exact major or skills that the job description states, OK Foods still urges potential interns to apply for the position. This internship is an opportunity to gain new skills, set goals and excel in different environments.

OK Foods started this program to train young professionals, recruit future employees and provide mentorship. The interns also provide the company with fresh and unique perspectives.

“They are important,” Douglas said.

If these interns are an indication of the future of OK Foods, the company’s future is certainly bright.